How to win more business – 5 top tips

How to win more business – 5 top tips

It’s been four years after setting up KEW Marketing and one thing remains the same – companies that comes to me want to know how to win more business. Yet there are times when people lose sight of the bigger picture and start getting bogged down with the detail. Detail is great – you need it, but here’s a quick reminder for some very basic ways to generate more leads and win more business.

  1. The power of your network: remember all those hours and days you spent going to networking events and building up all the wonderful (and crazy) people you now know? If you didn’t – shame on you… it’s a brilliant way to establish yourself in the market. However, think about who you know and talk to them more – remind them that you’re there. I don’t mean spam them with a boring email, but pick up the phone, arrange to meet for a coffee. Use who you know to remind them that you’re looking to grow your business. Worried you will look desperate? Think again – we’re in business aren’t we? Isn’t it a good thing you want to grow? Also remember to ask your current clients to refer you. You could create a referral scheme so that if they introduce you to a new client, they get something in return.
  2. Check your website – are you getting found? Whatever business you’re in, you can no longer ignore the fact that people are searching online for your service or product. If you’re website isn’t getting found (and I don’t mean just your brand name) then you’re missing a trick. Whilst I don’t ‘do’ SEO, I know people that do and understand what is required – just ask me for more info. If you want really speedy results and can’t wait for organic SEO to make an impact, you could also try online pay per click advertising to steer people towards your site – just make sure they have something to do once they get there and making contact with you some way or other.
  3. Maximise social media – go to town getting social. It’s the cheapest and simplest form of advertising your business and ‘meeting’ your potential clients. Think first about which one to use though. Don’t hang out on Instagram when you should be on LinkedIn posting your views and tips on group pages. If you find social media all fluff and no substance, it’s time to change your mind. It’s the “way of the world” as they say and can work wonders – you just need the right training.
  4. Get focussed – far too many times to businesses say they can do all things for all people. If you’re trying to promote yourself as this, it’s going to be hard work. Consider just promoting one part of what you do to a smaller audience. You can achieve a lot more and feel more focussed on what you’re doing. Also focus on one or two marketing activities at one time and do them well. Have a plan and stick to it (well – you can be a little flexible of course) – but give yourself actions that you’re going to do each day, week or month.
  5. Be positive and be the expert – I recently met a client that didn’t want to refer to themselves as an ‘expert’ as this set too high expectations and no one can be an expert in something. Well, maybe, but let’s just say you are… be positive and have passion about what you do or sell – it makes a HUGE difference, trust me! I’ve worked with many businesses and notice a great impact on their marketing if they truly believe and love what they do. If you can – write articles that can be published, create a download that will really help your audience (and capture their details when they download it – my IT provider Digital Dragonfly have a good example of this… new business served to them on a plate each day!). You could even offer to speak at a local business club or event to give some top tips and promote your business to a much wider audience.

Whatever you do, keep sight of the end goal and don’t get bogged down by day-to-day to-do lists and chores. It’s easy to be ‘busy’ but not actually get anything done – we’ve all been there right?

I’ll be soon posting a blog about my recommended toolkits for ‘getting organised with marketing’ so if this is of interest… watch this space!

Until then – good luck with growing your business… yet, it doesn’t take luck does it? It just takes the right attitude and a little bit of effort (and humour helps).

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  • Julie Coppola June 19, 2015 Reply

    HI Kate

    Now part of a growing business, coming across your top tips was useful, thank you.

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