Whether your business is a major construction company, window cleaner or restaurant – you need a website. Most people when they are trying to find something will hit the Google search, and failing that – they will ask someone for a recommendation – and will then Google the recommended company. 

Google and websites are just part of the way things are – just like social media! The days of expensive, hard-coded websites are long gone. You can now set up a new website in a matter of minutes and can cost you peanuts… beware though – if you’re serious about your business – think ahead as you could end up spending twice!

I work with website developers so won’t build and design a website for you, but will help manage the process. Here’s how I can help:

  • I ditch the jargon and tell you how it is – I love website developers but at times, they can really confuse clients by talking in riddles!
  • I manage the process for you – people underestimate the time and effort it takes to create or refresh a website – time that often businesses don’t have
  • I write the copy and ensure that it is aligned to your marketing strategy and has the right tone of voice

The wonderful world of SEO

I also work very closely with SEO agencies – in particular Wagada in St Albans, Hertfordshire. You can’t be an expert at everything so as we don’t ‘do’ SEO every day – these folks do, so that’s why if you want to reach page one in Google – we call them in to help!

You want to be on Google Page 1 right now?

Then let’s start talking Google AdWords – again, it’s a different beast to marketing in general so whilst I understand what it all means, managing accounts and ensuring your money is spent correctly – this is left for specialist experts.

Whatever you need – it all starts with your marketing strategy – have a clear plan about what you want to achieve, how much budget you have, and who is your target audience. If you would like support with your website, or any part of the process – just shout! I’m always happy to recommend others so if you just want a website agency you can trust – just let me know.