Understanding ‘what is social media?’, and ‘should I be doing it?’ are questions I get asked all the time. I help businesses understand what it means, how it works and where it fits with their marketing strategy; getting the balance right and understanding where to make the most effort.

I offer the following services:

  • Develop a strategy for your social media
  • Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google +
  • Train you and your team on how to use them
  • Provide content and ideas for campaigns
  • Social media advertising 

Managing your social media accounts

I also get asked if I ‘manage accounts on a clients’ behalf’ – the answer is ‘yes – but alongside you’… not because I don’t want to manage it completely for you, but social media starts with a big giant S… Social. To make it work, it’s about interacting and talking to others – there’s a limit to what we can say on your behalf. There are platforms where this is easier to do than others. I firmly believe that whilst you can outsource part of it, you have to be involved – sorry, but it’s true! However, we make sure that you are given the right tools to manage your social media accounts quickly and effectively. Once you understand what you’re doing – and WHY, you will soon start to love it. 

Social media is here to stay. Here are some facts you might like to know in case you need a little more convincing:

  • There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users
  • Google+ is growing at 33% per annum
  • Twitter has 215 million monthly active 
  • Pinterest with 20 million active monthly users
  • Instagram with 150 million active monthly users

It’s all about having balance and using the right platform for your business. If you’re in professional services, you might prioritise LinkedIn, if you’re selling clothes – then Instagram could be your thing. For social media support – just call me today or drop me an email here.

Stats taken from Jeff Bullas – read more here.