My experience has always allowed me to work in various aspects of marketing; from planning and strategy, design and copy writing, social media, through to client management. For particular specialist areas, I will work with other experts, for example; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), graphic design and web development.

What this means for you?

The ability to work with one person to get the job done – saving you time and money. I understand all aspects of marketing, so if there is the need to get another expert in to help with a project, I already have people I work with that are reliable, experienced and experts in their field.

Why use a marketing consultant?

  • You don’t have in-house expertise
  • You don’t want to hire someone full-time
  • You need extra support with a particular project
  • You just need a fresh pair of eyes

I can bring an objective approach to your marketing planning and activities. Seeing things differently and offering advice on what works well and what doesn’t. I also dedicate my time to you so I can get things done.

I don’t just offer advice; I get the job done so you don’t have to.

Setting the plan: Unsure of what your marketing plan looks like? I develop a clear and concise plan and set of activities that matches your business objectives.

Getting the job done: So the marketing plan is set, now what? Whatever happens, don’t let it sit on the shelf and gather dust! So often, companies make a big marketing push, then nothing. For you to see proper results and avoid the peaks and troughs, there needs to be an activity programme set and achieved.

Managing a project: Your plans are in place, the programme is working nicely and you’re seeing good results. However, sometimes, there is a need for extra support. My skills can help manage marketing projects and take away the burden from your business.