Working with Kevin at Fortlocks is always a pleasure. He’s the happiest locksmith i’ve met and when he asked me to help with his website copywriting, I was more than happy to oblige. 

Kevin was giving his website a refresh but just didn’t have the time, or really know how to write content for the pages he needed. Working with him to understand what were his key messages and how he wanted to come across via his website, we quickly outlined the style of writing and the detail needed. 

I provided content for each page for Kevin to review and comment on. After just a few adjustments, we had all the pages sorted and uploaded to his new site. The site not only looked good, it read well too. We then got the lovely team at Wagada to help with his SEO and get Fortlocks found online!

Since then, i’ve helped Kevin with a flyer for his business {design by RCD design}. Kevin wanted something that he could leave with local estate agents to give out to new clients. The flyer was to encourage new house owners to change their locks and avoid any unnecessary security risks. Trackable numbers were used so Kevin could identify how successful the campaign was. 


"I love working with Kate - she says things exactly as they are and always delivers! Kate recently helped with copy for my website and a promotional flyer. She always listens and understands exactly what I want - thoroughly recommend!"




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