Taking time out to plan your marketing strategy and promotional activities means a better return on investment made. So often, companies dive straight into campaigns without thought for:

  • Does this fit with our business strategy?
  • Who are we trying to target?
  • What makes us different from the rest?
  • How much budget do we have?
  • What are we going to do in 3 months’ time?
  • Who are our customers and where are they?

Whether you are at the start-up stage in your business, at the point where you know you need marketing help but don’t know where to start, or if you just need a fresh pair of eyes; I help businesses take a step back from their marketing and work with you to set a plan.

I help simplify what marketing really is, take an objective look at your business and offer you advice on what does work and what doesn’t. With experience of working with large and small budgets, I can help you plan your activities so that you get the best results.

However, I won’t just abandon you with a strategy if you don’t want me to… Most companies who don’t have in-house marketing expertise, then need support with implementing it. By allowing me to ‘get things done’ for you, means you and your staff are free to get on with the day job and do what they do best. Just head to my marketing implementation page to find out more!