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Here are my favourite guides, how-to’s, articles, and general information on marketing and business. Some of the content you may need to pop in your details to download, it’s ok though – you can select to to not receive any spam, and trust me, the download will be worth it.

Please be advised – this page is a work in progress, so feel free to drop back some time!


  • An introduction to business blogging – courtesy of Hubspot
  • A guide to marketing – Harpendia round-up of recent articles (see pps 10-11 for my article on “Getting the Right Mix”
  • Humanised marketing – there is a trend that people want to feel that their favourite brand ‘gets them’ – it’s about making your customers feel that they are not ‘just a sale’ or ‘just a number’. This is a great blog about how to ‘humanise your brand’
  • Hootsuite – if you want to manage your social media more effectively. Try out Hootsuite, there are others, but this is one of the most cost-effective options


  • Pocket – I use this a LOT! It’s a snazzy way to keep your website bookmarks, so if you’re reading something but haven’t got time to finish it or want to save it; Pocket allows you to do that but also add ‘tags’. You can then go back and find relevant articles around a subject. It’s a must for anyone!
  • Trello – If getting organised isn’t your bag – then try Trello. This helps you create lists and group things by subject. Even if you don’t use it all the time, it forces you to get organised and set out your actions (you can’t lose this like a piece of paper so uber clever)