Facebook Tips – adding roles and error messages

Facebook Tips – adding roles and error messages

Sometimes, there are days – weeks even when I feel technology can be against me! This week has been a delight of error messages so when I found a solution online with Facebook I thought I would share it with you.

If you’re like me… when something goes wrong with Google+ or Facebook, finding the solution is like trying to find a needle in a haystack*. There are no call centres to phone and no online support so for ‘non-social media folk’ if you’re ever trying to work something out but can’t – I feel your pain!

Anyway – yesterday’s saga was being unable to add myself as an ‘Admin User’ to a clients’ Facebook page. The error message kept appearing even though I was doing everything correctly (and as i’ve done a hundred times before!).

Normally – you would head to your Page, go to Settings / Page Roles, then find the User (they have to Like your page first), type in their name or email and hey presto – you’re done. Not in my case (despite trying it on 3 accounts I have).

There is a way round this… go to Settings, Banned Users, then change the tab from banned to “people who like this”… You will then see your profile name, select the gear symbol to the right of it then upgrade yourself to an admin. Boom! You’re done!

If you have any other hidden gems that would be helpful to others, please feel free to share in the comments below. Until then – have a great week…. and what a way to start it – it’s Christmas Jumper Day! 

* If you are a marketer (or anyone) and have found a decent way of getting responses from the lovely folk at such places as Google and Facebook please do share these so I can keep my sanity 🙂

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