Creating copy for your own business can be challenging – and sometimes, just impossible! If you’re too close to the subject it’s hard to see things differently – you may stumble across writers block, or just don’t have the time.

Copywriting is a major part of what I do. It is integral to marketing – whether you need wording for websites, proposals, advertisements, brochures, press releases; the list goes on. Even in social media – if writing content doesn’t come naturally to you, you might need a lending hand. 

I help make your content readable, engaging, and interesting; and for some – take away the technical talk so it’s appealing to a wider audience. When you work with me, you’ll quickly hear me use the word “humanisation”… in the past, we were taught to ‘write correctly’ – those days are changing, or have changed already some might say! Paragraphs of text are being replaced by short, snappy phrases – why say 100 words when just 5 will do? 

People are short of time, and their attention span is small… just imagine, your client is reading your website whilst having a conversation on the phone and probably checking their Facebook page too – if you’re copy is to cut through the noise it has to make an impact – and quickly!

Copywriting should appeal to your specific audience, I work with you to understand the style of copy you want to use and ensure that if fits with your brand and tone of voice. It’s really important to ensure your tone resonates with your target market – use the words they use and make them really ‘get’ your brand and what you stand for.

If you need help in giving your copy some va va voom… just call me!