Having a communications and PR plan for your business can create genuine interest, raise your profile and keep staff informed. Working with you to prepare a plan that tells others about your service or product whether it is through newspapers, radio talks, journals or online blogs.

It can be difficult to spot the PR opportunity within your own business. Having someone objective ask the right questions can get that ‘golden’ piece of information that will make sure you get noticed in your industry journal (for the right reasons!). You then need to write it – copywriting is a major part of what I do; helping you say what you want to say, but just don’t know how!

It is also important to look at internal communications – especially when implementing change projects. Businesses often forget that keeping staff informed of new services/products, projects, and business change is key to success. Having a plan in place to manage this can help retain staff, and make them better placed to talk about your business to your clients.

For specialist areas or specific projects, I will work alongside PR agencies – PR is a niche in itself so at times, it’s not what you know but who you know. By working with the right experts, your business can fast-track it’s success and become a leader in the market. 

If you need to shout about your success a little more, or raise the profile of your business – talk to me today about communications and PR. Contact me here.